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Bringing you Singapore's traditional kaya with our wide range of breakfast spreads.

Tradition That Transcends Generations

Three generations later, we are using the same recipe that won the hearts of locals in Singapore — making us the oldest artisanal Kaya manufacturer around. 

Staying true to our founder's philosophy, our brand is committed to bringing you quality products at an affordable price. 

Our Humble Beginnings

Established in the same year that the Japanese occupation in Singapore ended, we knew that the climb to progress would only get better with time. 

The years that preceded were bleak and devastating for the pioneers of Singapore but the one thing that never wavered was the persevering spirit of Singapore in overcoming and adapting, despite the hardships that the war presented. 

It's easy to think of Fong Yit Kaya as ''just another company that sells spread'' but to many others, it symbolises a brand new wave of opportunities, growth and the togetherness that Singaporeans embody. 

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